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Title of the Painting is “ Buddha's Path ”. It is a Contemporary Saura Painting. Saura Painting is one of the significant folk art forms of India practised in the state of Odisha by the tribes named Saura. It is a style of wall mural paintings traditionally painted with natural dyes. This monochromatic, decorative art form uses geometrical shapes and wave-like structure. The characters in the paintings intertwine with a net-like approach. In the traditional saura art, tribes draw each shape and figure of the painting to reveal significant meaning associated with their social, cultural and religious beliefs. Here the painting is made using Acrylic color and ink on black Paper.




  • Size: 28 x 38 cm.
  • Medium: Acrylic color and Ink on Paper.
  • Framing: Price is for unframed painting and painting would be sent without a frame. On special request faming could be arranged with applicable charges.
  • Visulization: The image shown here is representative to help visualize the painting in a home setting and made maintaing proportion as much accurate as possible though it should be considered that it is not an actual framed painting.
  • COA: Certificate of Authentication will be provided upon purchase.
  • Delivery: Delivery charges is only applicable if you buy painting via post and charges depends on your location. No extra fees charged than the actual postal cost.
  • Better Experience: For any queiry or customization please write to us at or ping at the Website Chat.


For Buying  the painting:


1. For Buying the product please send your request. Click here.

2. You can call/Whatsapp at +919073388946

3. You can email at

Buddha's path

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