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Artist Saheli Pal


Saheli Pal, a spirited Indian Contemporary Artist, embarked on her journey as an Independent Artist in 2016. From the genesis of her artistic journey as a Visual Artist, Saheli has graced prestigious national and international platforms, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of the art world. Her oeuvre has graced the halls of the Florence Biennale(Italy), Argentina Biennale (Buenos Aires) , Bangladesh Biennale (Dhaka), and numerous other esteemed stages.

Underneath the artist's persona lies a woman of diverse academic pursuits, having earned a degree in Engineering and a Post-Graduation in International Human Rights Law. Yet, despite the allure of these disciplines, Saheli's heart pulsates with the rhythm of painting, a passion that has been her constant companion since childhood. Choosing art over convention, she discovered in painting the highest level of freedom of expression, an expressive language that resonates with her innermost self.Her journey into the realm of art has blossomed into a steadfast commitment, intertwined with the delicate threads of spirituality. Embracing the path of a devoted Buddhist practitioner and an ardent disciple of His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama, she carries the refuge name Dhamchoe Sangmo as a testament to her profound connection with the spiritual essence that fuels her artistic pursuit.

Saheli’s training on Fine Arts commenced at the tender age of 4 under the guidance of Professor Mrinal Roy (Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata). Her artistic acumen flourished, culminating in the distinction she earned upon completing the fourth year of her diploma in Fine Arts at Chandigarh University. Beyond the corridors of conventional education, a transformative chapter unfolded. Nestled within the embrace of a prestigious fellowship bestowed by the 'Foundation of  His Holiness The Dalai Lama' she delved into the intricate world of Thangka Painting. Guided by the skilled hands of traditional Tibetan masters at the Norbulingka Institute, this journey not only honed her artistic skills but unfurled a new panorama of artistic perspective, enriching her soul with the vibrant hues of Thangka painting.


Her artistic journey is not confined to geographical boundaries; she is a solo traveller. Embarking on the poetic journey of a solo explorer, she passionately unravels the tapestry of India's cultural opulence, finding her muse in the intricate dance of Painting and Architecture. The diversity of Indian art, from region to region, serves as a wellspring of inspiration for her artistic expressions. Each corner of this vast nation becomes a canvas of inspiration, weaving a narrative of artistic diversity that captivates her soul. Driven by her profound love for art, she adorned her journey with a diploma in the 'Appreciation of Indian Art' from the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture. Her quest for the extraordinary led her to delve deep into the enchanting realm of Warli Painting, one of India's most exotic Folk Art forms, becoming a storyteller of its vibrant tales. In the symphony of her artistic appreciation, she extends her admiration to the rustic charm of folk art, celebrating its ability to be the voice of the common people. Yet, her artistic heart also beats in rhythm with the enchanting melodies of European art, captivated by its timeless aesthetic allure.


She completed courses on Warhol and Modern Art at Edinburgh University and Melbourne University. Following this, she worked as an artist with the Kolkata Police Department for several years. Subsequently, she pursued an Art Therapy course at the University of Florida. She served as an Art Therapist, focusing on working with children with special needs. This role represents her commitment to fostering positivity and contributing to society through the medium of art.

In 2022, Saheli's creative prowess garnered recognition in the form of the "Nalanda Fellowship" for her project based on the lives of Mahayana Practitioners. This accolade stands testament to her commitment to art as a medium of storytelling and expression.


For Saheli, painting is not merely an artistic endeavour; it is a means to celebrate life and a medium to express the depth of her emotions. Each stroke on her canvas is a manifestation of her thoughts and feelings, a visual narrative that encapsulates her unique journey through life. In her art, Saheli Pal invites viewers into a world where colours and emotions intertwine, creating a mesmerising symphony that resonates with the human spirit.

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