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Art Services available:

Art Commissioning

By Art Commissioning you can create any kind of painting for yourself based on your wish. Starting from a portrait for yourself or for your loved one to creating an aesthetic piece for office-space or personal wall, the range is wide. Art Consultancy from the Artist is free in case of placing an order of Art Commissioning.  

Art Consultancy

Art Consultancy services are provided to the clients on request. The Art Consultation session offers advice by the professional artist on placing art for specific spaces and guidance on choosing the right form of art, competent themes and sizes for specific purposes and locations to the clients. Art Consultancy is free of charge for those who are commissioning artwork and buying existing artworks from the Gallery (on request). 

Art Workshop

Art Workshop and seminar  can be conducted  by the Artist Saheli Pal on request. Different form of Art ( e.g.- Warli, Saura, Gond) and different topics like Art as Therapy, Art and mindfulness can be explored in the Workshops. 

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